The Bridge Hotel

In the beginning…

Situated along the banks of The River Bann The Bridge Hotel (now known as The Wild Duck Inn) was an important stop for travelers by boat and road. In the early 1920’s it has been known that The Bridge Hotel was once won on a game of cards!!!!!

The Bridge Hotel changed its name to The Wild Duck Inn in October 1968.
The shirt factory ( now The Riverside Suite) was built in the early 1900’s, first as a store to hold spuds and grass seed but also was a storage place for the Bann Clay. It was turned into the shirt factory some years later and then closed in the early 1980’s

More recently the Wild Duck Inn was bought over in 2006 by the Bradley family who also owns Walsh’s Hotel in Maghera. A major refurbishment of the premises took place shortly after and in 2008 the relaunch of The Wild Duck Inn and the Riverside Suite began.

Today, we welcome visitors from near and far to experience exceptional food, friendly welcoming staff and a great atmosphere. We offer great food and cater for weddings, special events and everything in between. We look forward to welcoming you.